5 Senses - Skin Cleanser

To fight this condition, it’s important we investigate what causes oily skin and the natural remedies that will keep it looking its best.

Most of us can relate to that irksome feeling of pressing your face to a window and leaving behind a “face fingerprint” in grease, or feeling like your face is always shiny. No amount of blotting with paper (which, by the way, is a myth) or washing our face seems to make any sort of difference. So we naturally scrub our faces more, buy new products and pray that our skin magically dries out. Little do we know that the products themselves as well as the daily foods we eat are what's contributing mostly to our oily skin. While we can't completely get rid of the possibility for oily skin, there are some environmental factors we can take out of our daily lives, as well as natural herbal to lessen the blow. It's time to learn what causes oily skin.

Causes for oily skin

The most common cause for oily skin, unfortunately, is genetics. The second most common cause for oily skin is over-washing your face with soaps and creams. By drying out your face, your skin produces more oil than necessary to make up for this and the cycle repeats. So stop washing your face so often, because even though a greasy face makes you want to clean your skin, it's not helpful. The third biggest cause is seasonal changes, which can also have a hand in making your pores work overtime as changing temperatures dry out your skin. In an effort to make up for the dry skin, your already oily skin creates more oil, contributing to the issue at hand.

Since neither of these sound like an easy fix, it's better to focus on eating plan and natural remedies that are a lot easier to manage.

Foods to eat

Adding more water into your eating plan and eating foods that hydrate your skin can really change the condition you see. While hydrating your body and subsequently your skin stands as the most effective way to cut down on oily skin, there are also three foods that can contribute as well. By drinking a bottle of water when you wake up and when you go to bed, you are already setting yourself up for success and giving yourself the kind of skin boost you need to combat facial oil.

1. Cucumber
section image Adding cucumbers to your eating plan, which are already 95% water, will give your face that fresh glow you have been searching for. The vegetable has tons of in the skin, and seeds that are known to fight oily skin. A great way to incorporate cucumbers into your daily eating plan is to put them in a pitcher of water and let them soak for a few hours and then drink the water as you usually would.
While, to notice the effects, you have to do more than just drink some of their ingredients, it's a good start, especially if you don't like the taste of cucumbers. If you don't mind the taste, they are a great addition with fresh dill on light vinaigrette salads. Their light crunch and refreshing taste is a welcome addition to diversify any salad with an already bitter dressing like vinaigrettes.

2. Avocado
section image Putting avocados on the menu can beat tired looking skin and cut down on oil production in the pores. The ingredients meat of avocados is rich in vitamins, which are the "special ingredient" for youthful skin. As we age, we lose elasticity or the youthful in our skin that keeps it looing plump, young and. By adding these back in naturally with avocados, you can reduce your skin's oil as well as refresh your youthful appearance. Try eating a fresh avocado with a sprinkle of sea salt and a few slices of turkey to add vitamins into your life. It tastes great on sandwiches and on top of salads and isn't a hard addition to your usual eating habits.

3. Grapefruit
section image The final food that can combat oily skin is grapefruit. While not as tasty as the other two foods because of its slight bitter citrus flavor, it can make up for its taste with the added benefit. While grapefruit is good for burning it also has high water, fiber, and vitamin C content, which all pack a punch in defeating oily skin. This one isn’t as easy to add into your lunch plans, but with some creativity can still be tasty. To make a tasty midday snack add crumbled feta with pecans and a few slices of grapefruit instead of a chocolate protein bar. Your stomach and your skin will thank you.